Tooth Extractions

Remove Teeth Comfortably

Dentists and oral surgeons will always work hard to try to save a natural tooth, but sometimes pulling the tooth is the right solution. A badly damaged or decayed tooth can cause damage to the other teeth and surrounding gum tissue. Infection can spread throughout the mouth, causing further gum disease or tooth decay if the infection is not controlled. Sometimes, an adult tooth may need to be removed for orthodontic purposes.

Extractions are a common procedure performed at our practice, and if extraction is part of your treatment, we will also discuss your tooth replacement options with you. It’s sometimes possible to place a dental implant or a bone graft immediately after extracting the affected tooth. During your consultation with one of the board-certified surgeons at Avon Oral, Facial and Dental Implant Surgery, we will assess your health and determine if an extraction is right for your needs.

When Is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Dental extractions treat many different oral health conditions and can even help to preserve the health of other teeth. Common reasons for a tooth extraction include:

  • Dental crowding (too many teeth in the mouth or teeth that are too close together)
  • Severe infection or decay
  • Periodontal (gum) disease
  • Injury to the teeth or oral cavity
  • Failed restorative treatments, such as a root canal

We will determine if an extraction is required when you meet us at your consultation appointment. If you have questions or concerns about your extraction, these will be addressed as well.

In order to make the patient experience as comfortable as possible, our office proudly offers a variety of anesthesia and sedation options to choose from. Patients with high levels of anxiety or complex surgical needs may require IV sedation, while others may be fine with only local anesthesia. We will talk about these factors and more to determine the right choice of anesthesia for your oral surgery procedure.

Tooth Extraction Procedure

We typically perform simple tooth extractions with local anesthesia, which only numbs the affected area. You will be awake but will not feel any pain during the treatment, and you will not need a designated driver to take you to and from the appointment. Once the anesthesia or sedation has taken effect, your surgeon will carefully remove the affected tooth.

Our office proudly offers EXPAREL®, the safe and long-lasting pain management option. It provides comfort following surgery and reduces or eliminates the need for narcotic medication. Learn more about EXPAREL.

If you are replacing the tooth with a dental implant, we can insert the implant post into the empty socket, provided you have enough jaw bone to support it. You may also consider socket preservation if you do not plan on immediately replacing the tooth. This bone grafting treatment maintains the size and shape of the empty tooth socket, so that the space will be ready when you choose to replace it with a dental implant in the future.

If you do not replace the tooth or preserve the socket, you may be at risk for developing complex oral health conditions down the road. Without a tooth root or implant post in place, the jaw bone will deteriorate in that area, leading to sagging facial features, dental shifting, and costly bone repair. While it is not mandatory to replace a missing tooth, oral health professionals strongly recommend replacing missing teeth with dental implants. A dental implant is the only tooth restoration option that prevents bone loss by looking and functioning like a natural, healthy tooth.

To explore your tooth replacement options, contact our offices in Avon, Glastonbury, and Enfield, CT, today. Our skilled team of oral surgery professionals will evaluate your oral health, discuss your options for treatment, and help you achieve a healthier smile.

Types of Anesthesia

Our surgeons offer a variety of anesthesia and sedation options so that patients remain as comfortable as possible.

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