Stem Cell Banking

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The future of regenerative medicine is an exciting place, especially for medical professionals conducting clinical trials. Oral surgeons have had great success with harvesting and storing adult stem cells, which are present in wisdom teeth. Since these extractions happen relatively early in your child’s life, they can experience all the benefits. Healthy teeth are especially important when it comes to stem cell banking; since wisdom teeth are commonly extracted as a preventative measure, they are ideal storage units for adult stem cells. Stem cells have the potential for being a life-saving development when it comes to combating chronic or terminal illnesses.

Avon Oral, Facial and Dental Implant Surgery has partnered with Stemodontics®, a leading stem cell banking service. We provide stem cell banking services at our offices in Avon, Glastonbury, and Enfield, Connecticut. If you are interested in having your or your child’s stem cells from wisdom teeth banked as a part of your treatment, your oral surgeon will help you enroll and guide you through the process.

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By choosing to bank stem cells safely with Stemodontics stem cell banking, you can be confident that you are choosing a stem cell banking service that can be counted on in your family’s time of need.

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What Are Stem Cells?

Transformational discoveries involving stem cells have revolutionized the medical community’s outlook on potential solutions for chronic diseases. Since most cells affected by cancer or diabetes are highly specialized, it can be difficult for the body to repair itself. Damage repair can be slowed or even halted by a lack of these healthy, specialized cells. Fortunately, adult stem cells have the potential to repair most specialized solid tissue.

There are two stem cell types: embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells. These cells are separated based on their function. Cord blood banking, for example, involves embryonic stem cells. During pregnancy, these cells help develop the immune system, kidneys, and all other internal organs. However, for the purposes of regenerative medicine, adult stem cells are the focus. Because they can survive outside the body, unlike other cells, they are an optimal choice to store in state-of-the-art lab facilities. These cells are also incredibly adaptable, so they can repair a variety of specialized cells. These factors are especially important to families who have a history of medical issues.

Why Bank Stem Cells?

If you bank your child’s stem cells now, you have a great opportunity to ensure the stem cell count of their stored teeth is high. Even if your child has other teeth removed later in life, most future extractions will target unhealthy teeth. Most wisdom teeth don’t have this issue, which makes them great candidates for future specialized cell repair. Your child’s age also plays a factor. If your child’s stem cells aren’t banked until later in life, their stem cell count will decline.

If you already made the decision to bank your child’s umbilical cord, there are different benefits with stem cell banking. Restoring blood cells requires stored cord blood stem cells. However, restoring solid tissue involves mesenchymal stem cells, the kind stored in wisdom teeth. Since they can alter into different types of cells, they provide a form of future health insurance for your child. If your family ever has a major health crisis, you can have peace of mind.

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