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Holly needed dental implants to replace her front teeth after a bike accident. She couldn’t be happier with her experience. Hear her story.

Holly got a dental implant in Avon, CT

Holly's Story

"My name is Holly, and I'm from Norfolk, Connecticut. I came to see Dr. Fletcher because I needed two dental implants for a bike accident where I knocked my two front teeth out, basically. When I first walked into Avon Oral Surgery, the team made me feel welcome. They were very accommodating to my work schedule — single mom — getting me appointments, explaining the procedures and when I had to book things. My procedure went as expected. Everything healed and went as planned. I feel great. I turned 50, and this is my jewelry, and Dr. Fletcher really helped me out. Overall, a five-star, wonderful practice, wonderful team. Everyone made you feel at home, explained every step of the way. Really, really happy."

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