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Meet Julia

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Julia’s recovery was better than expected, and her mouth and teeth feel much better after having her wisdom teeth removed. Hear her story.

Julia had her wisdom teeth removed in Avon, CT

Julia's Story

"Hi, I'm Julia. I'm from Avon, and I came to Avon Oral Surgery to get my wisdom teeth removed. It was actually much more comfortable and better than I expected. The pain didn't last long at all, and my teeth and mouth felt so much better overall after the surgery was over. The team was very friendly, and they kept me very well-informed and gave me all the information I needed to know about what the procedure would include. Dr. Gill was especially friendly, and he always kept me well-informed. He also let me know that if I had any extra pain or any concerns to feel free to reach out to him at any point. I would give Avon Oral Surgery five stars because they were very friendly, and the procedure was done very well, and I was back and comfortable doing my regular routine in just a matter of days."

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