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Nick felt comfortable and calm before his wisdom teeth extraction. The procedure was successful, easy, and relieved major pain and discomfort. Hear his story.

Nick got his wisdom teeth removed in Avon, CT

Nick's Story

"Hi, my name’s Nick, I’m from Southington, and I came to Avon Oral Surgery to get my wisdom teeth extracted. Before I got my wisdom teeth out, I was having a lot of pain, and it was uncomfortable, and that’s how I knew that it was time to get them out. When I came in for the procedure, everyone was really nice, asking questions — “How's school going?” — made me feel completely comfortable, and I wasn’t nervous at all. The procedure went very well. I had no problems with it whatsoever. The team here is just really nice overall. They just make you feel really safe and welcome. Dr. Fletcher was really nice. He helped me out. He always made sure I was completely comfortable before doing anything — that helped a lot. If any of my friends from Southington or Farmington had to get their wisdom teeth out, I would definitely tell them to come to Avon Oral Surgery."

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