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Dr. Lieblich prevented further life-altering circumstances for Kaydrie by treating her jaw bone tumor with advanced technology and expert knowledge. Hear her story.

Kaydrie got an oral pathology in Avon, CT

Kaydrie's Story

"My name is Kaydrie, I am from Simsbury, Connecticut, and I came in to Avon Oral Surgery to have treatment done on a tumor that was found in my left jaw bone. My procedures all went smoothly. I recovered well, and everything went pretty well. Here at this office, they have prevented me from having some potentially life-altering circumstances happen, so I'm very grateful for the technology that we have today, for all of the learning and education and knowledge that Dr. Lieblich has brought to my treatment, and I am so grateful for their patience and their care over the last four years. If anyone in the Avon or New Hartford area needed oral surgery done, I would definitely recommend Dr. Lieblich."

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